First snow..

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It was just a matter of time, i guess. Yesterday the first snow of the year fell here in Enköping. Now i just know that this is gonna bring a lot of problem later on, but at the moment I think it is such an relief from all the rain and hail that has been going on for several weeks.

Now i am not sure how this will affect the undead, if they will freeze solid (like in "World War Z"), if they will freeze to death or if they will be unaffected but i guess we will see.

In other news, this will make collecting water much easier for me since all I will really have to do is to is to shovel the snow into an container and warm it up. It even works to put it inside an small canteen and keep it close to your body and let your body warmth smelt it (an little nice trick i learned from an mountain ranger before things REALLY hit the fan).

So that's basicly what i have been doing most of the day, collecting snow and trying to warm up my hideout enough so it will melt... Not the most exciting thing to do but neccesary.