Gunfight at the CO-OP market. Part 1

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When i am writing this i have just woken up from being unconscious for almost an day, but truth be told i am almost surprised to see that i woke up at all. But i am getting ahead of myself, so i guess i should start from the beginning.

Yesterday, at around 9 am left my apartment (after having finally been forced to realize that it wouldn't stop snowing..) to go my rounds. You know, patrol the city a little, visit the other survivors and make sure they got what they need that kind of stuff. I was about halfway done and i decided to head down to Coop Bygg (one of the hardware stores in town) since i was in the area anyway and i needed to get some tools anyway.

I crossed the parking lot without any incidents, apparently no one (alive or otherwise) had been here before me since the snow was undisturbed. I carefully entered the store through the now broken glass doors and maneuvered through the dimly lit store, with only my flashlight and what little light the windows offered. Now i know what you are all thinking, i was asking for trouble. But truth be told i wasn't too concerned, back in the beginning of the outbreak i did things like this with Group 05 all the time. In hindsight, maybe i was too confident in myself..

Eventually i found what i was looking for, and i left the store with a brand new saw, three axes (one big and two small), a plastic bag and some rope. Now i just had to get some people together to fell some of the trees around town and we wouldn't have to worry about fire wood for a while..

It was about there i stopped worrying about anything other than my current predicament, for at that moment i felt like i had been kicked by an horse right in the pit of my stomach and i feel over backwards, my breath forced from my lungs, and then i heard the noise. At first my thoughts were to jumbled to register what it was and for a while, i thought it was thunder, but once my thoughts cleared i knew instantly what it was.

A gunshot.

Someone had fired a gun.

The shot from the gun had hit me.

Someone was trying to kill me.

My eyes went wide in chock and from that moment on, i went on pure instinct. I didn't even bother to get up i just rolled to the side, in behind a since long abandoned car, just as another shot slammed into where i had just been. I kept my head low and surveyed the damage, thankfully my body armor had stopped the bullet even though it still hurt like hell. I unshouldered my G36C rifle (an little souvenir from Group 05) and considered my next move.

Now i am no fool, i knew that whoever was shooting at me had all the advantages. He was more than likely well hidden, well protected and he had me pinned down. Long story short, i was well and truly fucked...


give em hell!

Good luck and ill be checking regularly to hear that you made it out OK.