Short Days, Long nights

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Another day sitting around reading the same stuff as last week. I really miss books and getting to the library here on campus is not an easy thing. Dead every were Looking outside it is raining mixed with sleet no way going out today not in that crap. Just my luck I would fall on my ass while running. Good thing I have enough supply's for a few weeks not seen a living human in weeks. I am lone here and damn it I am tired. Just about ready to take off and look for others in this town. But what if I am all that is left? My family gods I need to head across the river and ... just... see if they are even alive. No more hiding I must do this I must get out of here. Yes that is what I am going to do pack up my few things and get out. Anyone near me? I dough that I am sure no one is around. For now I am log off and pray that I can make it out of here. Or maybe hide away a\just a few more hours and get out in the morning.