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I don't know how to feel right now trapped in this room. It feels like it's closing in and the funny part is am not scared of closed spaces. It's been days since I have seen anyone yet alone the sun or the moon. How am i suppose to feel when everyone I have known so far is gone? Seen then get left behind or turned or worse killed by another human for some food. How am I the only one in this room right now? The screams of people outside asking for help makes it worth saving them but not messing up the room i have since no one knows am here. If anyone reads this whats the word on the outside? I am trying to pick my thoughts up before i leave this hell, but it's the point in time where you just lose to your own mind. Feel like just walking out and going out like a savage taking a bunch with me as i go down. The other half whats to keep living in this hell of a world that's a playground for the dead. Wait i heard something outside the window. It sounds like a girl in trouble. Truth be told I don't think am gonna be able to help, but i need out of this personal hell am in. Fuck it! Am gonna go help. Until next time if am still alive. This is hell and a personal hell of thoughts. Find people and help each other out. Don't screw them over and make sure you everyone can trust each other. Trust me being in this room for months has played games on my head. Bye or Goodbye.