Your ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!

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My God we thought you were killed in the round up of the confederate troops ? Not hardly sir the PSA moved so fast to exterminate us , that they missed a lot of us .
Sam and I sat there listening to the story when he stepped forward and handed me something . I put the item closer to the lantern to inspect it and when the identity hit my mind and eye , I drop it and jumped up staring at it . "Andy you okay ? "
"No its not possible ! "
Sam bent down and picked up a small dolphin pendent and looked at it .
"Andy isn't this Stacey's ? "
"No , No she's gone Sho said she died and it was my fault ! "

I grabbed the pendent from Sam and walked out onto the balcony and stared into the night . With my hands on the railing and my head lowered , "Have.. Have you had any word on Sho's or Doc's where a bout's ?"
Scared to death of what I might hear I prepared myself for the answer .
I turned to face the group . Why Why don't you all go down stairs and have a drink and grab a bite . I need a few to take this all in . As they left I just muttered " LT You stay "