CDC tapes

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here is the first chunk of video logs we received from somebody in DC several months ago. the format they sent it in was strange and even though we could watch the tapes, we weren't able to convert them into something we knew how to upload until very recently.

just fyi, we doubt anybody made it from here. we'll post the rest as soon as we are able.




The only thing I could think that would alter blood in that manner might be a fungus. I don't know any sort of fungus that could cause that sort of effect in a human body, but I also don't know nearly enough about fungi. There is something similar that affects insects, however the only place that fungus grows is really in Taiwan and a few other places that have really humid, tropical rainforests. I need to get my own sample and equipment... it's been a few years since I exited biology, but I might be able to come up with some sort of theory with more information. Things have gotten bad here on the east coast, and connectivity is spotty at best, but I will en-