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central pacific islands / polynesia

Hilo, Hawaii
Central Pacific Islands/Polynesia

By some miracle I'm alive and uninfected and with my family.

tamuning, Guam
Central Pacific Islands/Polynesia

I had been told the zombie prophecies as a child at the knee of my grandmother. With my inheritance I came to Guam 11 years ago and built what I knew would soon be my protection - my citadel. One of the most extensive networks of transoceanic T3 lines cr...

Palmyra Atoll, Pacific Ocean
Central Pacific Islands/Polynesia

Pretty safe so far on Palmyra Atoll. We're pretty self-sufficient here, and as long as we conserve we even some electricity thanks to our solar panels out here. Pam, my wife, and I have taken it upon ourselves to get up this web-site and keep it going s...

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