what we know:

a few survivors in the midwest, but beyond that we're not sure.
will post as soon as we hear more.

& register

registered survivors - central u.s.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Central U.S.

I played a alot of games that involve stradegy to keep uninfected from zombies and planned this out for several years. Now I am ready to survive this hell hole.

Springfield, MO
Central U.S.

I have set up F.O.B at a hotel. I am on the top floor with only one way up, tho the elev. shaft from the 7 th floor,by rope later, and the only way to that level is by a fire escape,the first two floors are locked and metal door wielded shut.The hotel is ...

fort leonardwood, mo
Central U.S.

Alive and unifected.....along with my children.

Antigo, Wisconsin
Central U.S.

After the fall of the large nearby cities the family and I regrouped with the rest of my family. We met up at a country house back in the woods. I was able to load up the truck with food and supply and get out before the town was over run. We are well arm...

Mount Carmel, IL
Central U.S.

Melee weapons and staying hidden. Avoiding all infected individuels.

Leah ( Call me Finch)
Kingsville, Texas
Central U.S.

Right now I'm held up in a house I've secured. It's not my own, but it was empty when I got here. I've got my truck pulled outside of the living room window and a mattress against it, a china shelf placed in front of the other, and all the other windows b...

Minnetonka, MN
Central U.S.

personal= black, food= amber, water= amber, ammo= red. As prince said I am purifying my myself in lake minnetonka at a location formerly known as big island surviving on old forgotten beer cans and shrubery... Glock in hand, few rounds left and one in my ...

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Central U.S.

At my house will fresh food

Omaha, Nebraska
Central U.S.

On Foot Running Around The Countyside FOr The past few days, using hunting bow & Shotgun to hold them off

mission, tx
Central U.S.


Wheaton, Il
Central U.S.

Trying to get further west, to a less populated area. It's a struggle everyday, but I've made it this far.

Topeka , kansas
Central U.S.

leaving topeka

blaine, MN
Central U.S.

Able to stay in attac in my 2 story house. I have crawl space in closet to get up and down. Well Hidden, also i planned some in advance for a possible SHTF problem so i have a couple boxes of MREs, bottled water, a good medic bag, and 3 pistols, m4, and ...

Columbus, Ohio
Central U.S.

Things never seem to be improving. I'm manage to hurt myself- a gash in my stomach- when I saw the first of the dead, but I got in banaged up. Medical help is needed, but for now, I've managed to care for it as far as I could. Things have been quiet, f...

Milford, Kansas
Central U.S.


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