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registered survivors - east u.s.

charles town, WV
East U.S.

My wife and I are in a far rural area, and prepared for disaster survival in place. We struggle day-to-day to gather fuel and other items for basic needs, but are surviving well.

Lexington, Kentucky
East U.S.

I am a 23 yr old student, or was, at the University of Kentucky. Currently I have found safety in the building of a small frame shop and art gallery, Lexington Art Gallery, my former part-time employer. I am here with my former boss, and now survivor an...

Port Orange, Florida
East U.S.

I'm unsure of whats happening but I know police are everywhere. And I know one thing I'm definately getting the hell out of Daytona Beach. Help someone. Status: Alive and uninfected.

Gilbert, South Carolina
East U.S.

Not in the best of shape. Not much time for luxuries like computers, too much running. In a small community of 10 -15 people, if a community is what you want to call it.

Hillsdale, MI
East U.S.

i havent gotten much of a chance to gather materials but i plan to get a vehicle of some sort and take a journey to the mountains of tenessee. i realize that no place is safe but if im at the top of a mountain i should be able to get a good view of whatev...

Clarksville, Tn
East U.S.

Raiding, run and gun manouvers, holding a stronghold

Union City, Michigan
East U.S.

Me and my friend 24mikemike and austin are sharing health supplies and just got done taking care of a zombie wave trying to get in the house.

Union City, MI, Michigan
East U.S.

Alone looking for somewere to go.... Me and my freinds were taken over in a lake house. Need helped, I'm armed but running out!!!!

Union City, michigan
East U.S.

Here with my friend Mykal, I'm running low on ammo for my 12 gauge.

Union City, MI, Michigan
East U.S.

Here with my freind austion, Running low on ammo in my glock.

Lynn, MA
East U.S.

Staying close to home with my daughter and making sure my mom is okay. We are doing okay with the shelf stable items. Hopefully they will last long. We do not have weapons. I have been trying to figure something out.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
East U.S.

Finding food to live, fighting to survive, trying to find others alive and kill those who threaten to kill me and those who I found or found me.

New York, New York
East U.S.

Please help me. they are attacking as we speak! There is no where safe to hide, someone help me!

Freeside, New York
East U.S.

I'm with an engineer, we're traveling the country for a place to settle down.

Yonkers , NY
East U.S.

Gong insane

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