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registered survivors - west u.s.

Cartwright, ok
West U.S.

Barely but yes I am alive. I grew up in a house hold full of hunters. I managed to make my way around the school for a few months. Gathering things I needed. I have a bow I took for the archery club. Stocked up an can goods looking for others if any are s...

Tucson, AZ
West U.S.

Undisclosed location outside of Tucson, Az. It is a fairly large facility that currently houses me, my pregnant wife, my brother, his wife and his two daughters. and a handful of other survivors we picked up along the way. We have access to filtered wate...

San Jose, California
West U.S.

Going into the city for rations and looking for my friends. Armed with m KA-BAR, crowbar, and a hand gun. Yet to come across a gun store for other goods like that gun. and staying above the ground like roofs to avoid the infected. Also, studied my mum and...

Miami, AZ
West U.S.

Living in a shelter I have made out in the remote Pinal Mountains. Before the outbreak I was sure to supply it with plenty of Antibiotics, weapons, food, gas, ammo, and outher living supplys. Im with my family and some close friends. We have good defensiv...

Portland, OR
West U.S.

I saw the sudden rise in "zombies" in the media as a subconscious warning. I was prepared when others weren't, having imagined plans... Still searching the Portland area for others, but progress is slow. The undead are thick and mobile. I've seen signs th...

Nevada, California
West U.S.

Driving my way to Atlanta, where I've heard there is supposed to be a safe camp put up by the US military. So far I've only syphed some gas and scavenged what I can/could from abbandonned cars.I've done some looting too. I left some of the group that I wa...

Las Vegas, NV
West U.S.

I am alone with a band-mates boyfriend, Chris, safe for now in the recording studio in the Palms penthouse. Its hard to tell whats going on out there, Chris had a run-in with these murderous "zombies" the first time he tried to venture out to see where ev...

Los Angeles, CA
West U.S.

Holed up with my wife and dog. Neither are zombies yet. Feel very lucky... and angry.

Pleasant, California
West U.S.

Hunkered down in a small four room apartment. The city is infested with the Zeds. The windows are covered with planks and curtains in attempt to disguise my home. The other part of the apartment complex was burnt down before I got here. The only way into ...

bakersfield, CA
West U.S.


Reseda , CA
West U.S.

We're a Homeless Army

Windsor, California
West U.S.

I'm alone. Was with a group of 9. We found what seemed like an empty house in town, well the family was still there.. see its funny, how in California we bitched about how the Mexican population always had multiple families in a house, now i guess i ca...

Tacoma/Fife, Washington
West U.S.

Alive, staying that way.

Seattle, Washington
West U.S.

I find myself locked away in my shop off Aurora. I haven't seen anyone around since the city went dark. Those rotting bastards hang around the street in front of the shop during the day and skulk close to the front door at night. I can hear them shambling...

Seattle, Washington
West U.S.

With a group of 5 hold up in Ken's Market, Greenwood Ave N and N 73rd. Survivors here are Alyce, Gary, Rick, Brian and myself. We used to have a 6th, but we lost Natalie attempting to salvage a patrol car. The area is shockingly packed with the final-stag...

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